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What Are the Sizings on Your T-Shirts

All our tees come in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large, most of them are supplied by AS Colour and the exact measurement are:

"What are the lyrics to 'Not Given Lightly'? I think it's a wonderful song and would make a great accompaniment to my/our wedding."

It is a lovely song indeed;

"It's you that I love and it's true that I love and it's love not given lightly
And I knew this was love and it's you that I love and it's more than what it might be.."

How Do I know When My Order is Shipped?

You will receive a confirmation email from upon placing your order and another when your order ships. If it's been less than a couple weeks since you've placed your order and it has not shipped, it's likely we are just waiting for a re-stock (especially our vinyl which is shipped to us from around the world) and all is fine. If it's longer than that, feel free to ask and we'll update you.

Shipping Details

All mail orders are shipped via New Zealand Post  - standard post in New Zealand and International Air for the rest of the world. Shipping should take 2-3 days to New Zealand, 3-6 days to Australia and 6-10 days to the rest of the world. Shipping costs are calculated on the weight and destination for each item. Shipping costs are listed at the bottom of the FAQs.

Digital File

MP3 - 320 Kbps
WAV - 16bit/44.4K taken directly from CD
FLAC - 16bit/44.1K

We are working on including all album art covers in the ZIP files - please be patient.

NOTE: There will be no refunds or exchanges for digital purchases. Please be sure you can play these before downloading.


Do we have one? Yes we do. How do I sign up?

When you join our site you are immeditedly added to our newsletter list (which you can unsubscribe from if you want). Otherwise go to our 'About' page and you can sign up there.

Don't worry we don't spam either - normally you will only recieve a newsletter once a month or else if we have something that we think it is really worthwhile letting you know about.

Do you accept demos?!?!?

We do not accept physical demos - not because we don't like listening to new music but more because it is a waste of resources and your money (as well as space in our already cramped office).
However if you do wish to send us a demo please send an email to with your contact details and a link to a download or stream of your music. Anything you give us access to will remain strictly private and confidential. Do not send any files (audio, images or other) as email attachments – these will be trashed.
If we have further interest we will contact you - please don't call or email to follow up. We get lots of demos and never enough time and ability to listen to them all, please don't be offended by a lack of a response as it is not personal or any judgement about your music. While in the past Flying Nun has released albums from bands around the world our focus remains predominantly New Zealand based and the truth is we just can't possibly release everything we like.

Who Distributes Flying Nun?

We have a bunch of good sorts around the world looking after our distribution, including our USA partners - Captured Tracks.

To contact our US Office:
Email here
67 West St. Suite #221
Brooklyn, NY, 11222.
United States

We are distributed by:

USA:  Secretly Canadian

United Kingdom + Europe: Cargo

Japan: Disk Union

Australia: Remote Control

New Zealand: Warner Music New Zealand

How much are Shipping Costs?

Shipping is free when you ship 3 or more items.

CountryQuantityProduct TypesShipping Cost
Australia1CD Miscellaneous items T-shirts$7.00
Australia2CD Miscellaneous items T-shirts$9.50
Australia1LP Books$11.00
Australia2LP Books$12.50
East Asia / North America1CD Miscellaneous items T-shirts Posters$7.50
East Asia / North America2CD Miscellaneous items T-shirts Posters$11.00
East Asia / North America1LP Books$21.00
East Asia / North America2LP Books$24.00
Europe1CD Miscellaneous items T-shirts Posters$8.00
Europe2CD Miscellaneous items T-shirts Posters$12.00
Europe1LP Books$24.00
Europe2LP Books$25.00
New Zealand1CD Miscellaneous items T-shirts Posters$3.50
New Zealand2CD Miscellaneous items T-shirts Posters$5.00
New Zealand1Books$5.00
New Zealand1LP$7.00
New Zealand2LP Books$10.00
South Pacific1CD Miscellaneous items T-shirts Posters$6.50
South Pacific2CD Miscellaneous items T-shirts Posters$7.50
South Pacific1LP Books$11.00
South Pacific2LP Books$12.50
Other Countries1CD Miscellaneous items T-shirts Posters$8.50
Other Countries2CD Miscellaneous items T-shirts Posters$10.50
Other Countries1LP$25.00
Other Countries2LP Books$28.00

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Check out our Terms and Conditions page